Key Technologies Map

This is a graphic representation of key technologies in what could be called a "semantic map" in Artificial Intelligence or a "concept map" in Educational Psychology. Items in the graph represent individual technologies, and arcs between technologies indicate they are related. The graphic, taken as a whole, forms a representation of knowledge (termed knowledge representation). In a more complex semantic map, arcs may have names indicating a more specific relationship other them simply "related to". For example, names of people is a person's family might be connected by relations such as "cousin" or "married". JAVA Applet - Your browser seems unable to display

Knowledge can be captured in alternative knowledge representations such as rules or criteria tables, and a system using such a representation is called a knowledge-based system.

It is fun to play with this graph and in pulling and pushing the nodes you can learn what technologies are related to each other. We have definitely not included all possible arcs and relations, just some basic ones for demonstration purposes. So, don't be too upset if you notice two technologies which in your work are related or used together and there is no arc in the diagram. Have fun!

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